Choral recordings

Mark has been recording live choral concerts for the last decade, and has developed techniques which capture the essential blend of a choral performance yet still preserve the detail of individual lines. His recordings are renowned for their clarity, immediacy and warmth

Stretching back to early days recording multi-tracked songs on two cassette decks, Mark has long held an interest in recorded sound and music technology. During his university years he was the first composer to work with digitally-produced electronic sounds, and had a number of electro-acoustic works performed by the department's New Music Ensemble.

In postgraduate studies in Music Information Technology Mark developed his understanding of acoustics, music psychology and computer music production, and paved the way for his current approach to choral and vocal recording.

Mark recognises that modern technology has made it relatively simple for choirs to record themselves, but to get the best out of these tools still requires expert knowledge. Mark has significant experience in all aspects of recording, as a performer, musical director and, of course, as recording engineer. With this background he can help bring out clients' musical visions while striving for the very best technical results, to produce a characteristic sound that it is at both atmospheric and precise.

With access to a full suite of the latest recording and editing equipment and software, Mark can offer:

  • Location/live/session recording
  • Editing, mastering and audio production
  • De-noising and restoration
  • Bespoke music production
  • Arranging performers and venues for demo CDs for composers and soloists

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Latest News

June 2011 Working with Auckland University Chamber Choir, who have been recording their forthcoming CD.