Featured works

O Oriens, commissioned by Janet Lincé and Choros. ...details

London Medley, written for the Candlewick Ward Club's annual Christmas breakfast. ...details

Away in a Manger New setting of the well-known carol words to a haunting traditional melody from the Basque region.

Mark has a growing reputation for his arrangements and compositions, with his works having been performed by choirs across the UK.

Mark began composing at an early age, and first came to wider attention at the age of 14 as a finalist in a BBC competition for young composers. He continued to compose as his main area of study at the University of Bristol, during which time several of his works received public performances.

Choral music has been an important strand in his output, and whatever the genre or forces available, his deep understanding of choral technique ensures his works are rewarding for singers, and engrossing for the audience. Similarly, any accompaniment or orchestration is satisfying for the instrumentalists to play.

However, Mark is not limited to just works in the choral tradition. He has composed and arranged for orchestral and jazz forces, and his interest in music technology has led to his working with electronic mediums in a variety of genres.

Selected works

Choral arrangements - traditional songs

Nik baditut mortuetan (Basque folksong) SATB - 2'
The Road To The Isles SMATBrB + baritone solo - 3'
O Waly Waly SATB + mezzo solo - 3'
Lilli Burlero SATB - 3'
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Choral arrangements - Christmas

Quem Pastores Laudeveres SMATBrB - 3'
The Angel Gabriel SATB - 3'
The Sussex Carol SATB with organ - 3'
Joy to the World SATBrB arrangement with updated Swingles-style second verse

Away in a Manger SATB setting of traditional words to the melody of traditional Basque folksong Nik Baditut Mortuetan

Original choral compositions

I sit beside the fire SATB - 3'
O Oriens SATB with tenor solo - 4'

Orchestral and instrumental works

Frontiers Overture for large orchestra - 5'
Poesie for flute, viola and harp - 9'
Strata for chamber ensemble and electronic tape - 5'
Byzantium for mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble - 6'